Holy Hotness, Batman!

Natasha and Derek are just simply hotness personified. They photograph very well, both individually and together. We had a lovely photo session done in retro and vintage styles. Some of the shots were taken in a building on Capitol Hill, and some were taken in the lovely Sorrento Hotel in Seattle. The Sorrento staff were very accommodating. Since this shoot happened right after New Years Day, the holiday decor was still intact and we utilized the lovely lights.

I really enjoyed working with this couple. They are not only sizzling hot, but two of the nicest people I know. A special thanks to Jilladair Carlson at www.jilladaircosmetics.com for her incredible hair and make-up artistry. She truly made my job easier!

Natasha is also an actress (and a darned good one!) so I wanted to pimp her work. Check it out! www.natashasims.com

Now, on to the good stuff. Here are some highlights from our session!

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