Jackie uses a variety of styles in her shoots: photojournalism, illustrative series, fine art, and classic imagery. Jackie Lynn Images is all about visual beauty, in whatever form that takes on for her and her clients.

Jackie also teaches photography workshops–both private and in small groups–for those wanting to learn how to properly use a DSLR and how to create memorable imagery with it.

Aside from being a photographer, she’s a writer, sci-fi enthusiast, foodie, and grammarian. She always has dark chocolate, a valid passport, and a well-stocked Kindle nearby.


We hired Jackie Donnelly to shoot our wedding in Laguna Beach, CA. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her for your special event! The wedding photos are gorgeous; they truly captured our special day filled with love.” ~BreAnn Berry

“We hired Jackie to photograph our wedding. More important than her photos (which were awesome, obviously) – she was a joy to have around on such a memorable day. I recommend her highly.” ~Melinda Rubaniuk

“Just a few words that come to mind when I think of Jackie as my wedding photographer: Creative, thoughtful, flexible, brilliant. Jackie added a depth to my wedding that I couldn’t have conceived of. She caught special moments in perfect light and captured all the memories I wanted: fun, silly, beautiful, and heartwarming. She looked at and photographed my wedding from the perspective that fit my personality, not generic in any way. Incredible!” ~Elisabeth Blees

“When my husband Ryan and I decided to have a photo session to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, I immediately though about Jackie. She is a joy to work with, and the final photos are breathtaking. She’s an incredible professional and a warm and fun person, too. My husband is a little camera shy and still had a comfortable experience and a great time. We’re very grateful for the memories Jackie helped us create that day.” ~Valentina Vitols

“Jackie photographed a private event for us with stunning results. She captured the beauty of the décor, the joy of the guests, and the pride of the behind-the-scenes staff. Jackie is an extraordinary professional whose images are of the highest quality.” ~Nancy Crosier

“What I enjoy most about working with Jackie as a photographer is her flexibility and creativity in always going the extra mile to get that perfect shot. She is extremely versatile and prolific, which tells me not only that she loves her job, but also that she is committed to ensuring that the resulting images are of the highest quality.” ~Linda Miller Nicholson

“Jackie Donnelly has the technical expertise and artistic talent to make the most of any setting, whether it’s in or out of a studio. I had an impromptu head shot session with Jackie in a park setting without the benefit of a makeup artist or hair stylist. She did an amazing job of capturing my whimsical spirit in a series of shots that I proudly display on Goodreads, IMDB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites that represent me professionally!” ~Cheryl Ammeter

“I’ve hired Jackie for head shots, modeling, wedding and dance photography. She is always a joy to work with, and one of my favorite photographers. She always knows just the right pose and angle to capture!” ~Nadira Booth Swanson

“Jackie is a very talented and intuitive portrait photographer. [S]he was friendly and warm, allowing me to I feel seen and held and very comfortable! The day we met was dark and rainy, but Jackie adapted and was able to use the interior of my home in very creative ways. And she took lots of time and created many more images than I expected… I am amazed at how she captured different parts of my personality… I’m so grateful for Jackie’s generosity and insightful eye!” ~Jennifer Kogut

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