The Essence of Four.

My nephew, Colson, will be turning 4 this month. FOUR! I can’t believe it. I remember taking his 8-hour-old newborn photos at home and being so overwhelmed by his tiny hands and feet. He is just as precious now as he was then (albeit a bit more active!)

The other night, Colson and his parents came over so that we could take Colson’s 4-year portraits. At that time, they announced that Colson was going to be a big brother in March!

Eeeeeeeeeee! I love being an aunt! And Colson is going to be the best big brother ever. I can’t wait for his sibling to come along and grace our family with his or her presence. Colson (and the new one) is blessed with a fabulous family — couldn’t ask for a better set of parents!

Here are some highlights from the photo session with Colson! He’s the absolute essence of four!

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