Fleurs d’Egypte Dance Cabaret!

One of our favorite dance cabarets “Fleurs d’Egypte” needed a photographer this month, and I was happy to oblige! I love photographing them, and admiring the costumes and beauty of these ladies. Beyond the beauty, these ladies are also smart, resourceful, and friendly. A lovely group!

Our shoot started at Seattle’s Century Ballroom which was fabulous for capturing them surrounded by that old-world charm. We then moved across the street to Cal Anderson Park, and then finally finished the shoot a couple of miles away at Volunteer Park. The ladies were fabulous and didn’t complain much as they had to stand outside in the cold while we got the best shots. I had the wonderful Eric Denson assisting me that day!

Here are some highlights from that day!

To catch one of their fabulous live shows, please visit their web site www.arabicbeat.com.

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