The Brains Behind Bastille.

Shannon Galusha is the man behind Bastille Cafe and Bar in Ballard/Seattle. And what a fantastic place it is. As we were doing headshots of him, for his image stock, I asked him how business was doing in his first six months open. “There’s an hour wait almost every day,” he said. And that’s impressive for Seattle, as you can tell that this place isn’t cheap. This is a place where you go to splurge. And the restaurant isn’t tiny, either. They have a ton of tables. Also, Seattle diners are pretty picky. They don’t revisit a place that’s expensive unless it’s got good food and good atmosphere.

Shannon is delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him, taking his pictures, and, while waiting, snapping a few shots of the interior.

Rick and I plan to go there in the not-to-distant future!

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