Stricken Smitten

I had the privilege of photographing the most delicious goods the other day: various hand-dyed yarns by Seattle’s Yarn Maven, Desiree of Stricken Smitten. This yarn is just yummy. I had heard great things about it from knitter friends of mine, but when I saw the real goods, I was indeed stricken, and then smitten. This is the kind of stuff you want to pile on the floor in a big mound and roll around in.


(I really did NOT do this to your yarn, Desiree. I promise!)

In any case, she had asked for a few glamor shots of her goods, for potential publication, and I was only too happy to oblige. And if you are a knitter, I highly recommend picking up some of her luxury skeins at her Etsy shop, linked above. You won’t be disappointed. This is high-quality stuff, and I can only hope that I portrayed this in the following photos. She pretty much gave me artistic freedom with this shoot, so I went nuts.

Here are, as always, a few of my favorite shots from the shoot! Enjoy!

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